Saturday, October 23, 2010

the after gym'wich

sometimes i get sooo hungry. not like 'dying of hunger'-hungry, but like 'the glycogen stores in my body have been depleted, and i'm dizzy'-hungry. this usually happens after i hit the gym.
i hate being this hungry, because it often results in poor food choices. like last night, when i ravenously devoured a pizza bun whilst walking up and down the grocery store aisles in my hunger-stupor.
nom nom nom nom mmmm
orangy-red refined-flour greasyness. grossy.

so today on my way home from the gym i planned my attack on hunger before i even set foot in the kitchen.
"open-faced tuna sandwich with sprouts, open-faced tuna sandwich with sprouts, open-faced....pigeon!"

this sandy took like, 5 minutes to make including toasting the bread and opening the tuna can... and it was leagues above a pizza bun.

  • rye bread (double-toasted all the way)
  • tuna (with a bit of light mayo, capers, and black pepper)
  • onion sprouts (they make alfalfa taste like a mouthful of hair)
  • tomato slices

i scarfed this little 'wich up in 6 giant bites.


  1. Second... but on the honest, this sounds amazing, wish I had a can opener... or a toaster... or a sharp knife...

  2. GET OUT! I can't believe you had a tuna sandwich!
    You know what even more unbelievable? I wrote down a grocery list for things to buy tomorrow and canned tuna was on the list. No joke! What are the chances of that happening?

  3. oz and david. i can hear the mockery in your comments. this will not be forgotten or overlooked.

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