Saturday, October 30, 2010

beet it

when you find yourself hungry and far from home, you are automatically at the mercy of the nearest food court, coffee shop, or stranger with candy. it's the worst.
there are few things i dislike as much as consuming crappy food that i was forced into buying by my own hunger.
so, how do i avoid being circumstance's pitiful sucker? i plan ahead and pack a lunch!

ok. maybe you aren't going to collect any street cred by carrying around a lunch bag with you in public. but think about how adversive you'll look sitting in that mall/park/wherever, and eating your delicious lunch in front of envious losers who got a sad bagel from tim horton's.
that makes you a f@$%-ing gangster.

yellow beets!? purple carrots!?
what does it all mean!? 

i think i kept it pretty real with a 'yellow beet, apple, goat cheese, and honeyed-walnut' salad. (also dubbed the 'throw-all-the-crap-you-have-in-your-fridge-on-top-of-some-mixed-greens' salad).

i roasted, peeled, and julienned the beet... sliced an apple... threw some walnuts and honey in a warm pan for a couple minutes... and crumbled some goat cheese.... all on a bed of mixed greens and herbs... into one of those handy-dandy little kitchen items called "tupperware".
you can also take another little container and put some home-made vinaigrette in it to dress your salad later (otherwise it gets soggs). vinaigrette: honey, dijon, lemon, balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper

close the lid, and away we go!
*i sealed the small pot of vinaigrette to the left with 
plastic-wrap and a tight elastic worked!   

better than a bagel.