Thursday, October 28, 2010

breaky for din

often after a night of heavy drinking, one feels they are entitled to subject their body to further abuse by way of a greasy, crappy, and affordable breakfast.
i'm all for it, but the true remedy for a hangover is actually an hour of brisk cardio activity and a bottle of gatorade. i digress.
why wait until you feel sicky to reward your body? i say; start your night-of-regrets off proper, with breakfast for dinner!!
not only will you enjoy it more now than you will tomorrow, but it's also the perfect pre-game meal containing lots of fat and carbs that will coat your tummy for later. you know, lattttter.
hello happy piggy! so glad you had a nice upbringing.

my friend LD and i had plans to hit the town, so i made organic bacon. ya it's worth the extra $.
buttered rye toast.
an egg.
and garlic hash browns from left-over roasted fingerling potatoes (see 'purps') fried in paprika.

and only half the portion you get at your local greasy spoon!
bottoms up.

* this post is dedicated to my dear brother, who just ate meat for the first time in 8 years, today.
**it's good, right?

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