Sunday, October 24, 2010

hello 'lova

move ova

last night i was invited to my friends' house for dinner. 
i said i'd bring dessert. 
so, there i was, all prepped to blow their minds with my 'harvest pavlova', when my effing meringue decided to collapse and break apart. with no time to create a second dessert or re-make the meringue, i put my trust in the hands of the confectionery higher-ups and hoped that it would at least still taste good.
and it did! here it is after the 3 of us had a go at it. 

the proof is in the pavlova!

here's what i did:
meringue- egg whites and sugar (basically) there are plenty of recipes on the www. i made this meringue with white and brown sugar to make the flavour malty and the colour darker. for pavlovas you want to cook the meringue so that the outside is crisp and the inside is a soft marshmallow-y texture.
whipped cream- it's whipping cream that's been whipped with some sugar- duh
salty brittle- i cooked up some chopped almonds, cashews, and dried apricots in butter, sugar and course salt and then spooned the mixture on some parchment paper to cool and harden. *you can see it broken into bits on top of the whipped cream.
i like the combo of salty with sweet, but it's an option. if the nuts were salted i probably would not have added more salt.
fresh blackberries and golden raspberries on top.

done like...dessert!


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