Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hi there!

  a poem  

sometimes food can feel like such a pesky chore,
peeling, cutting, cooking; preparation galore!

recipes call for this and that ingredient,
and make the culinary exercise seem less than expedient.

if what you're after is a quick and easy meal,
before you run off for your McFix; i'll make this appeal:

preparing food for oneself needn't be laborious,
with a little nuance in the kitchen it can turn out to be quite GLORIOUS!!

here you'll find ideas and some honest, healthful, tips,
in no time you'll be eating well and smackin' your lips.

no need to be a chef, nor 'gourmand' nor 'foodie',
these posts and pics will hopefully get you in the mood-y,

what a proud moment! you'll feel like such a winner,
when you can pat yourself on the back and say "i made me this dinner!"