Friday, October 22, 2010

oh, crêpe

when it's cold out, (october to may), and i want to see friends, i prefer to invite people over to my place than to dress myself and leave the house. call me lazy, i dare you.
anyway, the easiest way to get people to come over is to promise them a home-cooked treat! if your friends trust your cooking, the visit is in the bag.
having invited a friend for lunch today, i was at a loss about what to serve. i haven't done groceries in a little while and i didn't have much 'stuff' to work with. then i thought of that tempting, crowd-pleasing smell that crêperies bank on to get you in their doors and 'hazzzah! CRÊPES!!'
[in luring your friends over, don't be scared to use some smell-tactics!]
thanks for coming over!
- your cheimaphobic friend

crêpes are easy, they're pancakes without baking powder, so stop freaking out.
i made a basic batter (white flour, eggs, whipping cream, salt) and added lemon zest to make it better.
better batter.
you can fill these sweet or savoury-
any style.
here are the dessert-stuffed crêpes: filled and topped with a warm and sticky, homemade blueberry-butterscoth sauce.
it was effing good.