Wednesday, October 20, 2010


today people showed solidarity with the LGBT community by wearing purple shirts. 
because i'm a big fan of the LGBT community, (and of one-up-man-ship), 
not only did i wear purple today, but i ate purple too. 
say what you will, but i think these carrots are so amazing they could potentially eradicate homophobia!
ps. i didn't dye them! here's a link about purple carrots...
"oh purple carrots,
i don't even mind you staining my cutting board"

here's what i made for din:
oven-roasted purple carrots and fingerling potatoes -with olive oil, garlic, and sea salt
steamed asparagus -with lemon juice and more sea salt
left-over turkey breast from thanksgiving (i think/hope that's the last of it) -with cranberry sauce (also from thanksgiving)

cooking time was 20 minutes. seriously. (preparation time was 0.8 seconds to peel a carrot and cut the potatoes in half). and while it helps that the turkey and cran sauce were leftovers, it wouldn't take very long to cook a turkey or chicken breast either.
tasty, healthy, colourful, and socially aware, NBD!

not bad for 20 minutes, right?

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