Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i'd previously mentioned a hankering for a burger this week, and i figured i'd live a little and indulge the craving.
having picked up some extra-lean ground beef on my last shopping excursion, i fashioned me a little burger;
beef, an egg, sliced jalapeño pepper, fresh coriander, cumin powder. all tasty stuff.
i grilled the burger to (my idea of) perfection and melted a couple slices of brie cheese on that puppy. 
for the topping i fried some cooking onion and mushrooms in oil with fresh cracked black pepper, and a touch of white wine.
the bun is a tiny little sesame seed topped dinner roll. 
notice the small size of this burger. 
(eating yummy food is a-ok, you just gotta eat less of it!) 

oh, hi broccoli! sorry you were sequestered to the back of the photo.

before you pee your pants from all the suspense, i'll tell you why i called this little effer a vom-burger.
it's because i vommed a few hours after eating it.
great story, right? perhaps not. but the moral is....beware of beef.
i, for one, am no longer going to buy ground beef from sketchy 24hr grocery stores.

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