Wednesday, November 3, 2010

afterthought out loud

forgive me if i didn't give dinner much thought the day after slaving over a hot stove to make an indian feast. geez. you're so demanding.
but hey. not giving dinner much thought does not have to equate to a bowl of cereal at 8pm.

i got home late from the gym knowing one thing only; i want bacon. for 2 reasons.
1. because it's bacon and thus, the tastiest food. 
and 2. because there is no greater sin than letting my delicious organic bacon go rancid in the fridge.
here is how my thought process progressed from that moment to the completion of my dinner.

mmm, bacon. it still smells ok. good. what else is in the fridge? bacon and carrots, ew. bacon and broccoli, ew. ...hmmm, bacon and pasta? ya that's yum. pasta and....pesto! yes....this basil is starting to turn brownish...and parsley. perfs. toast some pine nuts, cashews, walnuts...throw those bad boys in the food processor with the basil, parsley, olive oil and garlic. that's so legit. 
this box of pasta is at least 2 years old... what the hell am i saving it for? whatevs, dry pasta never goes bad, right? ...fry my little bacon! add the al dente pasta and fry it in bacon fat?...oh, clever. that's good. the dinner gods are smiling down on me today, oh yessiry....
crispy bacon-grease pantacce pasta... you complete me. 
in with some pesto. mix-y mix-y in the frying pan...op, on the plate with sea salt and fresh black pepper on top...and...a glass of red vino. how did that take only 20 minutes to make? 

i'm. in. heaven.
pretty much.