Friday, November 5, 2010

i'm stuffed!

sleepovers. YAY!
they're everyone's fave. if you aren't a fan, then you're obviously some kind of monster. 
tussles, tickles, cuddles, talking 'til 3am....appropriate or not, sleepovers are the best! and the best of the best is having breakfast with your special sleepover buddy the next morning. 
this morning was the best of the best of the best! a sleep-in with a cuddly (rhymes with panda) and my favourite breakfast (french toast) made even better...STUFFED!

this was actually the first time i've ever made stuffed french toast and it turned out pretty delish. 
i used sliced wholewheat bread - toasted. made a mixture out of ricotta cheese, apricot jam, chopped dry dates, and cinnamon... spread the mixture on one piece of bread and then made a 'sandwich' with another piece of bread...dipped the whole thang in batter (egg + cream) and fried it in a skillet for 3-or-so minutes on each side. 

friends forevs! 
and please don't spoil the moment with "table syrup".
we live in canada, get the good stuff.


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