Wednesday, December 8, 2010

morning glory

not to be mean to pancakes, but they are no more than a vehicle for transporting maple syrup into my mouth. 
having said that, i can trickily make my pancakes out of healthy ingredients instead of the usual white flour fluff, and it doesn't make a difference to my breakfast enjoyment levels. i bet even particle board would taste ok were it doused in that sweet ol' tree nectar.
this morning i made p-cakes with rolled oats, half a grated carrot, an egg, cinnamon, and 2 spoons of chia slime. (ya, chia. of the ch-ch-ch-chia fame). you can get chia (a.k.a salvia) seeds at health food stores and the directions for making the slime are on the back of the package but basically add water to a bit of the dry seeds and 'watch them grow!'. not like in the commercials where they sprout into grass, they just expand and make a gel over-night. it's really good for you. i swear.

i spooned a med. sized pancake amount onto a hot non-stick pan then cooked for 3 or so minutes on each side or longer because the carrots needed to soften the @#$% up.
i also made a berry coulis by heating up some frozen berries in the same non-stick pan. easy clean-up.

needless to say, the maple syrup was scrumptious.

double your pannies and make a stack.

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