Thursday, December 2, 2010

move 'strich, get out the way!

i've been horrible. i know.
to the three and a half people that read my blog, i sincerely apologize for my prolonged absence. i hope no-one went hungry.

a couple weeks back i found myself feeling rich in st. lawrence market. this is never good. it's the kind of sentiment that leads to buying ridiculous things, like more gourmet mustard than any one human being would ever need. 
(in my defense, i had a hard time choosing between 'sweet and smoky' and 'amazing maple'-so i got them both along with some other flavours for good measure). 
with the kind of money that would easily feed 2-3 families were i shopping in chinatown, i had acquired some fancy cheese, fancy olives, fancy sausage, fancy mustards, and an ostrich steak (fancy, i know).

the fancy dinner i made looked like this:

i told the ostrich steak about the pan. rarrrrrre.

this was my first foray into cooking ostrich meat, and i went into it much like i do with everything else in my life; ill-prepared and overly confident. it's tough. 
seriously. i had to chew, spit out, and re-chew, like a careful mama bird. except i was doing it all for myself. and i was eating a really big bird. 
not really. 
but the post dinner, TMJ induced headache was enough to make me swear off ostrich for good. 
or at least look up a recipe next time.