Tuesday, December 7, 2010

soup'a dupa

'tis the season to be jolly. and by jolly, i mean rotund.
the amount of shameless gluttony that takes place around this time of year warms my little heart. but it also enlarges my fat ass, and since i'd rather taste soft doughy rolls than have them on my back, i try to take days off between festive meals and have lighter and healthier fare on my 'off days'.

i made some beef stock in my slow cooker a couple of weeks ago and now it's sitting in murky anticipation in my fridge. 
bouillon, today is your lucky day.
all i had to do was warm it up and then throw some chopped kale and mushies in there. healthy supreme.
to trick my idiot stomach into thinking it was eating carbs, i threw a whole bundle of shirataki noodles in there. these noodles are made out of some kind of fibre. 
sure, they have a mouth-feel akin to chewing on rubber bands, but they also have like, no calories.

a hearty meal that will let me get back to business tomorrow. 
i won't lie, my idiot stomach wanted ice cream after, and i obliged.
what the eff? it's the holidays, after all!

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  1. i have an idiot stomach too. i appreciate the trickery.