Wednesday, January 19, 2011

all shakshouk' up

hey all you elvises and priscillas.
wanna get all 'shouk up like a polaroid picture in a super delicious way? here is, like, the easiest thing to make. 
and it's so filling and good! (you always say that! no i don't. shut up.)

shakshouka is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. yes. exactly.
this dish hails from tunisia and was brought over to israel by tunisian jews (thanks wikipedia!) nowadays it's a pretty popular israeli dish. i just made some for lunch, but it's good as brunch and dinner too.

so, what is it? well it's kind of a nasty-looking, great-tasting jumble of stuff.
i'll explain.
start with a generous amount olive oil and chopped garlic in a small pot (or big pot if you're making it for a few people).
add chopped tomatoes and let them cook. normally chopped pepper (bell or other) should go in for a little fry before the tomatoes, but i had a couple of stuffed peppers left over and figured i'd just use those, beef n' all. 
shakshouka bolognese? mmm'yes.
i added a bit of paprika, and chopped carrot (because i was too lazy to find the grater). 
other than the meat, my shakshouka was pretty standard, but i bet grated zuchini or baby spinach, or whatever veg you like, would work well too. 
when you have a nice sauce going on you can carefully crack onto the sauce as many eggs as the amount of people you're serving, and close the lid.
what's amazing is, say you invited some people for a meal, and your guest unexpectedly brought someone else along...instead of the usual "ech, ya, you can sit at the corner of the table and eat the scraps" you'll be like, "well, come on in stranger!" and just drop another egg in the know what i'm saying? no one will be the wiser.

when the egg is cooked, to your liking, obviously, get a HUGE spoon and scoop the egg together with the sauce underneath it onto a plate and serve with bread for dipping.

one is the TASTIEST number!

the knife and fork are purely for show.
use your bread.