Saturday, January 8, 2011

B.M.E.L.T, O.M.F.G!

good morning food blog revelers, dinner girl here.
they say that whatever grows together, goes together. however, on my fantasy farm, rice pudding grows on bushes, and coffee beans come pre-roasted and ground. so how the eff would i know what grows together?

it may be safe to say that the basic components of a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato and wheat - for the bread, duh!) grow together. they most certainly go together.
but can M and E work their way into the mix without upsetting the delicate taste hierarchy and overthrowing B as the main attraction? 
sure, it's fun to go wild, let loose, add a mushroom omelette to your BLT! how about a slice of cheddar? or a sliver of avocado? peanut butter, anyone?
follow your gut instinct and make up your own BLT rules. it just might result in a tasty sandwich, and it's easy as pie... you can break convention, but are you willing to cut the cheese?


spotted: an open faced rye toast sandwich cavorting with
mushroom omelette, mixed greens, crispy bacon, and tomato.
i smell a scintillating sandwich scandal!

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