Friday, January 7, 2011

easy cheesy

if you do the math, it doesn't really make sense that i only post about 8 times a month, on account of how many dinners are in a month and all. 
but when you factor in all the dinners i buy me, (the blog is called "i make me dinner", not "the korean guy down the street, makes me dinner"); the marginally repulsive looking dinners i make me, (no one wants to see my version of 'sardine salad'); or the downright embarrassing food items that i sometimes call "dinner" to make myself feel better (crackers dipped in seafood sauce and cereal in chocolate almond milk, do not a dinner make)... then you're not left with a heck of a lot.

kids, making pretty-looking, wholesome dinners is not always in the cards. i know i advocate for the simplicity and effortlessness of cooking, but at the end of the day, i am (contrary to my mother's creepy alien stories) only human. (or maybe a quarter alien...but still).

that's why, when you find food gems like this pasta i bought at a random manhattan grocery store, you snatch it up and bring it back home with you. 
i don't know who eddie spaghetti is, and i'm a little suspicious of this being called a 'vegetable macaroni product', but daaamn, look at that beautiful, curly, multi-coloured pasta! it's even organic! or as my grandmother would say, orgasmic.

product placement.

with a pasta this good looking, you don't want to cover it up with too much stuff. so i made a cheese sauce using butter, table cream, goat cheese, quark, and a strong cheddar cheese (all the dairy items in my fridge, basically). the only seasonings i added were red pepper flakes (kick), fresh ground pepper (more kick), and sea salt.
let your eyes feast on this, friend.

other than the red pasta becoming oddly similar in colour to the orange one,
there were no disappointments.
ready for your close-up?

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