Friday, January 21, 2011

fish n' fries

i'm a little fatigued from ironing, so i'll make this short and salty.

although we use the word 'chip' to refer to the crunchy fried potato snack that comes in a disappointingly 1/4-full bag. there are people elsewhere in the world who call chips 'crisps' and french fries 'chips' and really mix everything up.
they might claim that they invented the language, so we're the ones that are saying it wrong. i say, thanks for 'fish and chips' and jamie oliver, and now go bugger off.

fish and freedom fries. when you make it at home it's a little smelly, like anything fried, but well worth it.
i used frozen haddock fillets that i thawed and battered, and a yukon gold potato that i sliced into fries-sized strips. there are literally 2 steps to preparing the whole dinner. fry and fry.

the batter, a mix of beer, flour, egg, and cayenne pepper powder, should not be too liquidy. the egg will help it stick to the fish and not fall off in crunchy batter pieces while you fry it. use fillets the size of a cell phone, deck of cards? whatever.

for health conscious reasons, i don't really like to deep fry. try just a thick enough layer of oil so that it coats the bottom of your pan, you'll find that a little hot canola will go a long way. 
when the batter is golden brown, the fish inside should be nice and flaky (a couple minutes on each side).

tartar sauce can be bought or made at home with mayo, relish, onion and some other ingredients.
vinegar? lemon wedge? ketchup? pepper, pepper, pepper, salt? ALL that jazz. 
do what you like, it's your dinner.

"hello? no, this is my fish phone, can you call my landline?"