Friday, January 28, 2011

kohlrabi, 555-1283

hey cuties.
new friend

have you ever seen this little green alien head at the grocery store? i had. and i'd even heard its weird name uttered before, but i never felt compelled to get to know this kohlrabi character any better.
as chance would have it, on a recent food shopping excursion, a bushel of these bad boys caught my eye, and i said to myself "take a chance, dinner-maker, you never know until you try". so that's how one of the alien heads ended up in my kitchen, and although i can't say it's love yet, i can definitely say it's like.
when you bring a new veggie home, and you don't really know anything about it, and you have no idea how to prepare it, or if it even understands english, but you're willing to make it work, well, that is all it takes, friends! a little willingness to learn and you too can have a blossoming relationship with a new veg!

first thing's first. googs. i had to run a little background check.  ok, it apparently comes from a well-known family, same one as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, and brussels sprouts. but that isn't always a quality guarantee. i dug deeper. you can eat it raw....
what are you waiting for, friends?
"oooh baby i like it..."
ya, things got serious. fast.

because the outside layer is kinda tough, (think broccoli stem, but thicker), i skinned my new buddy and chopped 'm up. the inside, crispy like apple with a starchy sweet taste. not bad. would be space-balls amaze-balls grated into a coleslaw!

or cooked...

my fate was pho. with tomato in it!? apparently.

well, kinda cooked. i used it as a crunchy topping for my faux pho.

my point? the lesson? your take-away tip?
you can't always plan...let destiny tell you what you're having for dinner sometimes.

that's right. destiny.

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