Sunday, January 16, 2011

rock solid

hey guys and gals!
it's COOKIE SUNDAY! ya, your favourite! COOKIE SUNDAY!!!! (just go with it, k?)

if you love baking cookies, then these biscotti are for you! it's all the cookies you'd normally get in a single batch, but three times the work. FUN!
if this doesn't interest you, i've heard there's an entire aisle at the grocery store where whole boxes of cookies come pre-baked AND in a multitude of exciting flavours. low blow. fine.

biscotti take extra work because they need to be baked twice, which is what makes them rock hard and amazing to dip in coffee, or to crack a tooth on.

i rifled through my mess of a pantry and found some items i thought would go well together.
-cashews, -dried apricots, -white chocolate.
then all i had to do was build a biscotti around those 3 things. flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, oil, apricot jam... and i added a bit of cornmeal, which i would advise against. unless you have a really finely ground cornmeal, it's like chewing on sand, and i'm not talking the pretty white sand of the mayan riviera, i mean the nasty pebbly beach sand that hurts your feet to walk on. you know the kind, where you get to the promised body of water and you're like "screw this! i can't frolic around in the sun here. this isn't even a real beach, ech".

so ya, biscotti. 
make 'em, snake 'em (you know, roll the dough into a long snake shape), then bake 'em.
that's part one.

part two: remove 'em (from the oven, and then let your uni-cookie cool down), groove 'em (what? 'slice on an angle 'em' doesn't rhyme or make sense), and improve 'em! as in, place them cut side down on the baking sheet, back in the oven, and bake at a low heat, flipping them over once.

ya ya, i give crap instructions. i hope for your sake that you know how to google and youtube things, or ask your mom, or just call me and i'll try to explain it better on the phone.

bla bla bla. here are some pictures.

this is the cookie snake after baking. now it's a cookie blob.

with a serated knife, start at one corner of the blob and cut 1" thick slices moving toward the opposite corner.
the nubs are fair game. a treat for all your efforts.

baked, cooled, and masterfully drizzled with a delicate layer of white chocolate...

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