Friday, January 14, 2011

so(me) like it hot

do you love food? do you love SPICY food? does the idea of burning your mouth and surrounding areas straight off your face sound like a ton of fun?
waaaait, that sounds like a crap idea.
but why do some of us (the cool kids, obviously) love, nay, desire and yearn, for spicy, burn-y, ow-y foods?
well according to my extensive (2 minute) google search, it's because eating spicy food causes the release of endorphins in the body, which feels good, and then we want more.
eating spicy food has some ridiculous bravado attached to it, like the spicier the food, the bigger huevos you've got.
well, while getting your kicks from 'hardcore' things like, working out until you can't move, epilating the hair from your armpits, tattoos, bar-fights, and being subjected to various other forms of pain, makes you look like a bad ass on paper, all it really means is that you're in love with endorphins. you want to marry them, so quit front'n.
back to spicy foods.

banana peppers are spicy. not like the small little spicy peppers, but spicy nonetheless.
i thought, 'instead of adding heat to the food i'm making like i always do, i'm going to turn this banana pepper into a heat encasement of painful bliss...blissful pain? whatever'. and then i thought, 'my hair looks good today'.

and then i went back to the kitchen and started by frying a chopped onion in some oil. i added some green thai curry paste, followed by organic ground beef (ya, it's pretty much all organic meat for me now-and hey! it's not that expensive if you cut down on your meat consumption...half a pound cost me $3 and that's all i needed).
right. then i added fresh chopped cilantro, salt, pepper, a touch of cinnamon, and cooked for a couple of minutes.

the peppers were easy to hollow out, cut the top off and run a knife gently around the inside to remove the pith (is it called the pith in a pepper? either way, that's one of my favourite words....possibly because it sounds like a lispy piss). shake all the seeds out.

stuff the meat into the peppers with a teaspoon, drop a bit in first and then gently shove it down toward the tip of the pepper with a chopstick. it worked for me. pack the meat in all the way to the top. seriously, how do you write about this stuff and not sound like a perv?
place the peps in an oven dish and cover with a sauce, or i used beef broth.
bake at 350 C for 25-30 minutes.


grease lightnin'. mmm.

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