Wednesday, February 9, 2011

gangsta wrap's your attempt at veganism going?
oh, you need more ideas on how to eat entirely animal-free meals? no prob!
remember, i'm not preaching no meat/animal products forever. i'm advocating less meat, and openness to other options...see the difference? great! now let's move on.

here's a lunch idea. my mom used to make this salad for my bro back in his vegan days, but i was always a fan of it, and since i had some tofu, figured i'd make it myself.

*as a nutritionist, i often get asked about the effects of soy products on estrogen levels, breast cancer, etc. let me tell you with certainty that there is no conclusive evidence to show that soy products have any of these ill-effects, nor does the amount of soy that the average person consumes warrant any alarm (even if you drink soy milk instead of milk-every day). 
what i'm trying to say is, boys, you won't grow a pair of boobies. sorry.

that's a wrap. no seriously.
right. here we go again.
this no-egg, egg salad is deceivingly similar in looks to the real thing, but contains grated firm tofu, olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped red onion, and turmeric for the yellow colour.
i wrapped it up in a spinach wrap with some avocado and red pepper and had me one hell of a lunch.

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