Friday, February 4, 2011

ida baked a cake!

there needn't be a specific occasion to bake a cake, like, if you knew someone was coming!? that always sounded like a lame excuse, how can you always know when someone is planning to come over? you can't. people just show up at your door and demand cake. happens all the time.
so, you bake a cake and maybe no-one shows up, but you'll be prepared in case someone does. worse comes to worst you'll be sippin' on an earl gray tea and enjoying a slice of lemon-coconut cake while you merrily write your hilariously amusing blog. 
it ain't so bad. trust.

i actually baked this cake a few days ago and took it to a friend's house. he made dinner, (it was gooooorgeous!) and i brought dessert. at the end of the night he made me take some cake home with me (i didn't protest). a cake shared is calories halved. am i right or am i right?

it was my first time with this recipe and though the flavours of this cake were pretty good, the next time i make it (today) i'll be focusing on a fluffier texture.
i totally made up the in-between layer and outer frosting by dumping a can of condensed milk into a saucepan, heating it on low and adding lemon zest and half a lemon's juice, which made it thicken (curdle, really) but not in a nasty way. it was pure fluke, but it came out delish!
coconut milk in the batter and coconut flakes all!
in today's variation, i'm adding grated ginger and orange juice.

stay tuned!!

how'd you do? how'd you do? how'd you do?

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