Monday, February 28, 2011

nice rice

left-over refrigerated rice is completely unsalvageable garbage, right? wrong-o!
if there are two things i can't help being, it's a little lazy and a lot resourceful.
if you need to eat and don't feel like doing anything too intense, like say, walking down the street to do some groceries, let me tell all you lazy, and not quite as resourceful people what you can do with that rice in your fridge from two nights ago, in 10 minutes.

step 1. heat canola oil in a pan. throw in some chopped garlic, then chopped carrot and celery, or you know what, whatever you got...peas, green beans, mushrooms, it don't matta! i added red pepper. some chili pepper too, if you like.
step 2. add a bit of sesame oil and some of your sad, cold, stuck together rice and let if fry in there too.
step 3. beat an egg and pour it into the pan, then mix it all up and let it cook. 
step 4. chop a green onion and some basil for flavour and throw 'em in the mix. 
step 5. serve, douse in soy sauce, eat.

it surely won't be the most mind-blowing meal you've ever touched tongue to, but you'll be sated, and you can give yourself a shiny gold star for having practiced the culinary learnings of the school of waste not, want not.
you can even add some tofu, shrimp, or chicken in step one to make the meal more substantial. goooo you!

veggie flied lice. if there are left-overs from's over. 
the cycle of use ends here.

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