Monday, February 21, 2011

no-frets, gaufrettes

it's been said that good waffles stick together; "that's just what good waffles do". 
unlike waffles, it seems that even relatively dysfunctional families manage to stay pretty closely knit. just a thought.

anyway. my mom, dad, brother, dog, and myself, all had the joyous opportunity of spending a full 24 hours under the same roof this weekend. a rare and special occasion marked by a legislated statutory holiday called "family day". uh-huh. 
if you don't celebrate family day in your province/state/republic/emirate, then you're missing out and should seriously consider lobbying your government for one such consecrated day a year. (this was our 3rd annual in ontari-ari-ari-o).

while family day breakfast traditions are still being established, i thought i'd get in there and make good use of the poor waffle-maker that is so seldom employed for its sole waffle-making ability. it has been downgraded from a kitchen appliance to a piece of clutter in the cleaning closet. plus, bagels are so 'everyday', mom! we want something festive!
buttermilk waffles with a touch of lemon zest are the beautifully crisp-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside blank canvas to your colourful palette of fruit, jams, syrups, and all sorts of creamy items. a palette for your palate. you can't argue with that.

waffles with: mom-made cherry, apple, and orange-peel compote / plain yogurt /
papaya slices with a drizzle of flower water / banana / and, of course, maple syzurrp.

a cappuccino too, like hova.

how could this NOT become a family day tradition!?

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