Friday, February 11, 2011

p.p. part II

p.p. on a bun. that's pulled-pork you sickos.
(and you were thinking i'd never write another carnivorous post again).

ya ya, i already blogged about slow-cooker pulled pork. but can you really blame me for wanting to make it again? it's so tasty and juicy, smoky, sweet, and spicy...and i happened to be at the butcher, so hey, why not!?

in the 6 spare hours that i had at my disposal, i could have written that tween novella that's bound to make me a kajillionaire, but instead i made a coleslaw salad using purple cabbage, carrot, red onion, apple cider vinegar, light mayo, salt and pepper; went to the nearby bakery (read: nose-orgasm factory) to get a couple of straight-out-the-oven kaiser buns; met a friend for a beer; and then rushed off to teach a yoga class. 
it was just one beer, folks.
when i finally got home, the smell of steamy pork was more than i could handle, as evidenced in this photo.

sorry. couldn't wait.

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