Sunday, February 13, 2011

the tasty bones


chicken sometimes icks me out, sometimes it's boring, sometimes i get a real craving for it-and then i'm down with those grocery store hot-meals chicken tenders with squeeze packets of plum sauce like it's nobody's business. 
and on very rare occasions-like ONE time ever, i have chicken at a restaurant and it kinda blows my mind.

we were having a big birthday dinner for my god-brother at a semi-skeezy indian restaurant (we ate on styrofoam plates). but i guess one should never judge a restaurant by it's table setting, the food was pretty decent.
why so much sharing? for one, sharing is caring. and also, i want to share with you the trick that is 'copying a recipe'.
when you like something at a restaurant, sniff it and suss out the main ingredients. then close your eyes when you're eating it and focus on the main flavours. figure out what those ingredients are and then you know how to make it at home, super simple! sure it takes a little know-how to identify and name spices and preparation techniques, but work on it, familiarize yourself. don't be scared, cooking is not rocket science or even elementary calculus. (sorry chefs, it's not).
another trick is to make note of the dish's name: afghani chicken, so you can google it later.

right on. so, here it is.
afghani chicken as per my olfactory senses and a little thing called
organic chicken thighs (skinned, bone-in. because seriously, crunching down on those brittle little marrow pretzels is the highlight of my chicken consumption-don't be a weeny, try it, it's chock-full of goodness).
mash cashew nuts, fresh ginger, garlic, and cardamom seeds in a food processor or coffee grinder. whatever gets the job done. then combine the paste with lime juice, chili flakes, salt, pepper, and a little canola oil. rub alllll over chicken thigh and then refrigerate for a few hours.
when you're ready for dinner, make some rice (i added parsley flakes, garlic and dried lime to the basmati for flava!), and an israeli salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion and lemon juice, salt and pepper. the chicken would be well delish on the bbq, but the propane ran out, so i cooked mine in the oven with some chopped onion after searing the thighs in a pan.

add a bit of yogurt or raita, and you have a serious winner of a meal on you hands. literally. eat alone or with un-judgmental friends, at home, because your face will be covered in chicken fat and you'll be sucking the cartilage off the ends of the bone like a savage beast.
ya, you might eat this meat, but you'll sure like the bone.

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