Wednesday, February 2, 2011


straight up? i've been in a bit of a food funk for the past week.
i was sort of waiting for something to get me out of my bagel and cream cheese coma, and then it did, just like that! can you believe it!? ok, i'll tell you the whole story and maybe then you'll believe it.

because i live right by chinatown, i have access to a world of lovely asian ingredients, late-night eateries, cheap gadgets, and once in a while, the stench of things decomposing. it's awesome.
i went out to get eggs, (and to avoid snowstorm stir-craziness), and wouldn't you know that right next to the eggs is where they keep the kimchi..yum! still perusing the isles at my local asian grocery store, i started to pick up my shopping pace and the veil of monotony began to lift!
dried shredded kelp! udon noodles! sesame oil! firm tofu! this shop is a dinner goldmine!

back to veguary. huh? anyway, you know how i'm always going on about eating better quality meat, and less of it? well a friend of mine has started a campaign to promote this type of meat eating awareness. the idea is to centre meals around veggies vs. meat. it's better for the environment, it's better for your health, and it's better for your taste buds. win, win, win. this lunch is a winner because it's super healthy, super yummy, and super doesn't lack any excitement although it has ZERO animal products! just sayin'.
shredded kelp (rinsed) and udon noodles fried in sesame oil and teryake sauce
with cubed firm tofu, chopped baby bok choy. kimchi on the side.
would have added more stuff, but it wasn't within arms length. (that was part of the challenge).
so,  here's where i start to wrap all my ideas together and produce for you a beautiful pearl of wisdom. the mother-of-pearl of wisdom.
if you're feeling a little bit bagel blasé like i was, just give yourself a challenge, like, making a completely vegan meal (even if you're a practicing carnivore-it won't hurt you to try, tarzan) or say, using only the 5 ingredients you have in your fridge...
whatever the case, a little restriction will force your creative juices to flow!
happy veguary!!