Thursday, March 31, 2011

midi mediterranee

soooo, i'm feeling a lot better, thanks for asking!
though it's going to be hard weening my body off 10-hour sleeps, i think that's what did the trick.
sleep is magical. unfortunately, it's time spent pretty unproductively.
i'm also now weening myself off of unhealthy meals and food frivolity (who makes lindt chocolate s'mores under their oven broiler for dessert? after LUNCH!..seriously!?). it is, after all, nearly april, and a bangin' beach bod doesn't happen overnight. just saying.

today for lunch i went 'mediterranean' in combination with one of my favourite foods...ya, whatever, i love french toast, judge me if you like. it was simple, tasty, and very satisfying, PLUS! need i mention the fibre and healthy fatty acids and vitamins and phytochemicals that are in this meal?...i need not.

i started with sliced, frozen 12 grain bread. 
unfortunately, fresh bread is a luxury that i simply cannot do with most of the time, as i can't eat it all before its inevitable expiry and i hate throwing out moldy bread (which i had to do yesterday). 
fortunately, frozen bread does the trick, and i always keep some in my freezer so i never have to plan ahead if i want french toast!
kind of off topic, but more on the delicate art of freezing in the ny times here if you're interested!

ok, so then i really started.. by scrambling an egg and a tablespoon or 2 of my home-made pesto (toasted pine nuts, walnuts, basil, garlic, olive oil, salt), then dipping 2 slices of bread (still frozen) into the mix and frying them for a while in a little olive oil.
then i made a makeshift salad of wilted baby spinach, diced tomato, parsley, black olives, and chickpeas. and just peppered it all up. i do regret not having a bit of feta cheese to add to the gamut, but it's on my grocery list...

march is ovvvvver!

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