Tuesday, March 29, 2011

quarantine canteen

it is day 2 of my self-induced seclusion. and you know what? it's not half bad.
i have a whack-load of food in the house, and no-one can bother me.
plus, being sick gives me a strange entitlement to eating junky or indulgent food. 
case in point; last night i polished off a bag of chips for dinner. the big bag.

today for lunch i had the same lackadaisical approach, but with much more exciting results.
i wilted collard greens and then fried them with some organic bacon. boiled some store bought fresh pasta.... and here i take a little detour. the pasta is called borsetti on the container. so i googled it, and hardly anything came up, not even a wikipedia page. the pastas look a little like dim sum dumplings, but are made of durum semolina and are stuffed with feta and spinach. 
i don't know why there is no information on borsetti, and i'm not about to be coaxed out of the house to find out. so, if you know anything more about this pasta. feel free to comment. 
right, the pasta was ready in 3 or so minutes, after which i gently sautéed it in butter, cream, and stinky stilton cheese. then i sprinkled it all in black pepper and parmesan, like fairy dust. because i'm magical like that.

lazy person lunch

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