Monday, March 28, 2011

sniffle soup

normally you'd never hear me admit this openly, but, i am sick.
sick as a dog.
it's  almost 3 pm as i sit down to write this, and all i've done today was get up, brush teeth, eat cereal, grab a box of kleenex and then go back to bed to read. 
true, this is how i spend many a monday, but it's the fact that i feel like total crap that's really screwing up my otherwise day-to-day routine. boo you head cold! why can't you let me laze around without this unnecessary grogginess? urgh.

enough about me, let's talk about food. 
yes, chicken soup is widely acknowledged for its healing properties against maladies such as 'the common cold', and even the incurable 'teenage soul', but i have no chicken soup. i had some leftover french onion soup in the fridge that i'd made a few nights ago, close enough.

french onion soup is not hard to make, and there are plenty of easy recipes online. the soup i made was basically one big pot with: butter, onions, garlic, a touch of cream, dry marjoram and thyme, sugar, white wine, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, bay leaf, beef (or other) stock-or water. i added a bit of fresh grated nutmeg because i'm obsessed with that stuff, and chopped asparagus to make the soup (ever so slightly) healthy.

today, i re-heated my soup, toasted the top of a calabrese bun, then really fine-grated gruyère cheese into the bottom of an oven-proof bowl, added the soup in, set the top side down of the bun into the liquid, grated more gruyère all over, and stuck it into the oven under the broiler for a couple of minutes. cheese melted, bread toasted, soup hot, and flavours abundant to break through the cold-induced smell and taste sensory handicap i am experiencing. i am healed!

quit staring at my pudgy hand.

ya right. time to go back to bed.


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