Monday, March 21, 2011

sub: zero me: ow!

whoa-ly smokes. 
a sandwich combo that pretty much mops the floor with peanut butter and banana?

brie and apple vietnamese sub!

oh, it's so obvious, hey? well, this is the first time i've ever made such a sub, and let me tell you, it won't be the last.

first thing's first. always.
get some fresh viatnamese buns or french bread. it's all the same level of delish-ness so long as it's fresh.
second, cut up some apple slices and douse them, + maybe some baby spinach or arugula, in balsamic vinegar.
third, cut a couple of fat slices of brie.
fourth, broiler the brie on the bread for a couple of minutes. you don't really want to melt the cheese entirely or toast the fresh bread...just warm them up to perfection.
fifth, assemble.
sixth, grab with both hands and eat. take a breath here and there, and maybe enjoy a glass of wine.
seventh. holy crap, you're still here? get lost already.

sometimes, simplicity is the bestiest.

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