Friday, April 22, 2011

cocoa loco

want to know a fact?
everyone loves chocolate. 
and the rare few that say they don't, are just being difficult.

i get a little irritated at what counts as 'chocolate' these days. white chocolate, milk chocolate, waxy easter bunnies...pssh, the mayans wouldn't have it, and neither will i!

cocoa is the real deal, that bitter, chalky, dark-coloured powder you use in baking. 
it is derived from the cocoa bean and has all of those great antioxidants that give chocolate its good reputation (as opposed to the aforementioned chocolate by-products, that do NOT). 
we now know that cocoa can reduce "bad" cholesterol, but even without our fancy science, the aztecs and mayans had the good sense to understand cocoa's worth. it was deemed to be a stomachache cure, a mood enhancer, and was even a form of currency back in those 15th and 16th century days, long before it was sweetened and adulterated with milk.

i too believe chocolate is magical and therapeutic. i crave it on most days that start with an 's', 'm', 't', 'w', or 'f'. and when that craving hits, no other edible delight will do. the problem is, how many 70% cocoa lindt bars can a person consume? that's why i made up this chicken recipe. excuse the lame photos, but please do yourself a favour and try this out sometime. it's so damn good and easy to do.

i bought a lovely chicken breast from my butcher. i slathered it in a combo of pure cocoa powder (*not hot chocolate mix! i think we understand the difference now, yes?), some really spicy jerk sauce that my brother once brought back from jamaica but which i'm sure can be purchased here too, a touch of canola oil, and some red pepper flakes if you really like heat. -it'll look like a really dark muddy paste when it's all mixed together. after coating every nook and cranny of the chicken, i put it in the fridge for a few hours to marinate.

the rest is easy as. bbq on both sides until cooked through. done.

to go with, i roasted multi-coloured fingerling potatoes and pearl onions with olive oil and sea salt and made a shitake jus using butter, shitake mushrooms, red wine, worcestershire sauce, thyme leaves, a bit of flour, salt, and pepper.

juicy, succulent, cocoa spicy chicken! what a good friday indeed.

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