Monday, May 23, 2011


recently i've (always) been obsessed with italy, italian food, and the possibility of finding an italian husband to make an honest italian citizen woman out of me.
my first, and thus far only visit to italy a couple of years back was so highly anticipated, that it had every opportunity to disappoint. instead, it exceeded all of my expectations. the best food, art, architecture, shoes, and gelato. what else does a person need?

so, when a close family friend cum new bestie told me about her plans to become a tuscan farm-hand, i reminded her that 4 hands are better than 2 and she better take me with her.
i'd like to fantasize that the job description for farm-hand reads something like: "must be able ride bike through rolling vineyards in cute flowing skirts while giggling", but i have a feeling i'm way off. there's probably some seriously early mornings and manual labour involved. hm.


ok. either way, the four hands began preparation for our voyage in my kitchen this evening. in what seemed like no time at all, and whilst submersed in intense conversation, we prepared this glorious, un-planned meal. behold!

if this photo is rotated left, blame blogger. that's what i'mma do.
yummo yummo! am i right!?

up there on the plate we've got a thigh of chicken, wrapped in pancetta, cooked with sliced porcini mushrooms and garlic in butter, rosemary and red wine.
moving clockwise, that's braised potato and tomato. mmmm. 
some wilted spinach with lemon juice and sea salt, and a (gigantic) shrimp scampi, sauted in butter, garlic, and fresh parsley and basil.

italian food is so perfect! with just a few easy ingredients you can prepare the most enjoyable meal in no time. 
not too rich, simple, and beautifully rustic. like a lunch-time picnic in the orchard followed by a fruit-tree shaded nap. ah. 
italy, i think i'm ready for ya!

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