Tuesday, July 5, 2011

dads are rad

there's nothing like going to a food industry event where everyone is discussing their latest blog/article/publication about food to make you go, "blog?, what the eff kind of - oh ya....i used to write one of those!" and be thoroughly ashamed of your lack of content updating. trust.
well here i am! ready to write my wrongs.

first off, i'm fully aware i am being exposed as the weather opportunist that i am, and i'm owning up to that. second, i just checked my views and i gotta say a big WHAT UP, UKRAINE!!!?! i don't know how you heard about this blog, but thanks for stopping by, friends!

ok. apologies aside (i AM sorry), i'm going to show you my tricks for keeping your name in the will. be it father's day, mother's day, or any old day you want your parents to remember that they didn't make a horrible mistake when they opted to reproduce, you'll want it to be special, effort is key.
here is the dinner my bro and i made for father's day. i'm giving little bro credit where it is not due, but that's just one of the awesome things about being an awesome older sister, right?

on father's day eve we appetized with heirloom tomato slices topped with avocado, basil, bocconcini, fresh ground pepper and olive oil and balsamic drizzled on top. that, with mom's home-made poppy seed bread, was kinda amazing.

i'll admit that i struggled with the main course. i had king crab legs, fresh pasta, mushrooms, giant shrimp..and not a clue what i was going to make of all these promising ingredients.
i ended up sauteing the mushrooms with butter, garlic, thyme, and cambozola cheese (camembert/gorgonzola hybrid? oh, you haven't lived). and then pureeing it to make a pasta sauce. huh? ya. i did it.
then i cooked the fiddle heads (don't even get me started on those damn things) read what health canada has to say about fiddleheads. those folks know what they're talking about, right?
anyway, i cooked the fiddleheads with garlic, and the shrimp with parsley and garlic, and the crab legs with butter and garlic. if you want to make something taste good, put garlic on it*.
*in my opinion.
salt, pepper, chili flakes. the dish is complete.

the next day, on father's day proper, there was a breakfast replete with oat pancakes, eggs, veggies, fruit and cappuccinos. 

kill them with kindness, and ye shall receive the inheritance.

love ya dad and mom!