Monday, July 18, 2011

spaghetti eastern

i likes the food. all of it, pretty much. so finding new food to like is easy and as frequent as my trips to chinatown.
check out this weird pasta i found!

turn your head, i can't deal with this technical issue right now.
the dry rice pasta product can be viewed (sideways) from behind the interesting instructions, which i of course followed because this is like no other rice pasta i've ever seen or cooked.
though i may have soaked it a tad too long for summer, (huh?), my diligence payed off. 
the result was dim sum meets pasta bolognese in a collision of grease. pretty much the same as being wrapped in a soothing blanket of calories. mmmmm. 
at least i had that salad a few days ago.

as per the instructions:
- i soaked the pasta in water overnight (ok, maybe it was over 2 nights, but whatever).
to prepare (also, kind of according to instruction): 
- i fried some garlic, onion, and ginger in a bit of oil, then added chopped yellow zucchini, and a 'maple and chinese 5 spice' sausage *ya, i've never seen that at my butcher's before, it was serendipitous. to 'sauce' it up, i used a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce, and of course, whole green chili peppers!
- i let the whole thing cook in its delicious fat and then served it up for a pal with some fresh cut tomatoes, course salt, and thai basil to add a bit of freshness.

the consistency of the pasta, once cooked, was much like the soft, chewy, offerings of chinese dim sum, totally pleasing and not too heavy.

yum yum gimme sum!

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