Tuesday, August 16, 2011

grill power!

i saw something disturbing in the news the other day. 
nope, it wasn't the horrible famine in somalia or the sucky state of the stock market, it was a photo in the lifestyle section of 4 pretty women heartily digging into their salads with a caption that read something like barbequeing is for men "summer is all about good friends, fine wine, and grilled foods. that's if you can conquer the fear of lighting the propane bbq, [you simple-minded, salad-loving women]".
of course, i did not read on.
i'm not sure what silly social construct has allowed this mockery to be made of women, (must have something to do with the general lack of skill, patience, and preparation that it takes to "man" a barbeque - way to snag that one, guys!) but i know plenty of lady folk who love themselves a good grillin' and are not too 'chicken' to fire one up. so men who are "good at barbequing", and dumb-dumbs who write captions like that one, take your beer and go pretend to be hard at work elsewhere. alright, enough of this 'beef'...

light and alit! a lovely lunch for ladies!

as i mentioned, bbq-ing is easy. the hardest part of it might be owning a bbq in the first place, but once that's covered, you're pretty much good to go.
this lunch was the easiest to make, ever: 
1. light the bbq.
2. drizzle whole, fresh sardines and veggies with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and give them a sprinkling of sea salt.
3. place on grill.
4. flip.
5. remove.
whoa! how did she?! wha? oh my goodness, THAT'S not a salad!

with some quinoa pasta in olive oil, fresh basil, and garlic, boom-POW! this meal is on fiya! high in omega-3 and totally gender neutral. food of the future.

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