Monday, September 12, 2011

heart of the matter

i guess it's my word against the imaginary grumblings about my lack of blogging presence, but you've got to believe that i've hardly eaten a meal at home in the past month.
as la-di-da as this may seem, it's only because i've been too busy slinging food for money, and mainly eating my meals at the food establishment where said slinging takes place. (excluding yogurt and musli and dried fruit, all of which make for a crappy blog post).
(yes, then i go and ruin a perfectly nice intro with my guilty-sounding job alibi. good one.)

so, the other night when i wasn't working, i was hanging with the boy in my life-who is in fact a cook, and at the same food establishment where i work (that's probably to blame for my blog laziness a bit too). with the obvious overlapping of our interests its a wonder we haven't had many culinary collaborations (probably due to my napoleonic approach to cooking) , but that particular night, i think we proved that good things can happen when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

for $3, the boy picked up a beef heart at the local grocery store (a marvel that grocery stores are now regularly selling "variety meats"), to make up for the slices of beef heart that went rancid in my fridge a few weeks earlier. sad face.
because this heart was mainly intact (yes, a bit freaky) we then proceeded to watch a youtube tutorial on how to clean the meat. very helpful.
napoleon (yours truly) cleaned and filet-ed the meat into 1/4 inch thick slices.
we then used a very loose interpretation of a mario batali recipe to create a spicy marinade using chiles, balsamic vinegar, oil and garlic.
the slices of meat marinated for an hour in the fridge before going on the bbq for a few minutes on each side. grilled potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus and green onion to go with.
the texture and taste were different from steak, but very much 'beef' tasting. it's lean and meaty and i would definitely recommend/eat again. if cleaning veins off the heart ain't your thing, get it pre-sliced at the butcher, you would never know it once had a beat.

for those of you put off by offal. consider this:
1. though texture and taste can differ depending on where a meat comes from, it's no weirder to eat the cow's heart than it is to eat the cows ribs or hip or wherever the heck your steak is coming from.
2. snout-to-tail eating is the coolest trend for economic, environmental, and foodie reasons. jump on it.
3. you've probably tried it before! if you've ever ordered a meat dish at a restaurant (say, at dim sum) and not been able to easily identify the meat, you were likely tucking in to some heart or some other weird what? you liked it!

come on. have a heart!