Tuesday, September 27, 2011

pack light

i'm moving out of the country in about a month's time and am in the process of packing up all of my (many) earthly possessions to be removed from my apartment.
being the helpful chap that he is, my brother came over the other day to get me started on the seemingly unfathomable task. we packed up a few large boxes full of 'give-away' items, and i realized after a couple of sentimental pleas, that the process of removing 'things' from your life is incredibly cathartic and gets easier with each item. now i think i'm addicted to throwing my burdensome crap away! it truly makes you realize what's important and what's not. 

and on that note, you know what's important? a good dinner. a healthy one with all of nature's delicious offerings: texture, colour, taste, vitamins, FIBRE!
my bro is a pretty keep-fit guy, so i made us this healthy and quick dinner that wouldn't distract us from packing.

red and white quinoa, tempeh, sauteed carrots, pepper, and broccoli...and lest i forget the most important thing of
i'll miss you broski.