Saturday, October 22, 2011

blue cod tacos

cod is not a blue fish. however, i don't know how to phrase the title of this blog post in a way that is less confusing about the ownership of 'blue'. it's the tacos that are blue, and not the cod fish, though it may sound otherwise.

now that we have that non-issue cleared up, i'm going to talk about these blue fish tacos a bit. mainly just to say that they were delicious.
-freshly made salsa verde
-spicy corn salsa with chopped tomatoes, oven grilled pablano pepper (a large, mild chili pepper-grilled in an aluminum foil-lined baking pan with lime and garlic for flaves) and oven grilled corn (afterward cut from the cob-not cod), sauteed onions, salt and pepper.
-creamy guacamole with lime juice, sliced green onions, salt and pepper.
-cod cooked in a pan with some annatto oil, salt and pepper, and various juices from the creation of the salsas.
-fresh cilantro.

the blue corn tacos were gently heated in the oven so, still pliable, they could wrap their blue corn selves around ALL of the aforementioned goods.

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