Monday, October 17, 2011

life of pi

every smarty-pants likes to point out whenever possible that the plural of octopus is octopi, but what they probably don't know is that the plural of baby octopi is delicious. so, here's a lesson to all the smarty-pants out there.

baby octopus (i'm so over pluralization) looks freaky when you buy it fresh..apparently it comes frozen too, but would likely look freakier frozen into a pi-cube.

"look into my fake eye"
so, you buy them fresh, and then you wash them, and although i played with it a bit, i couldn't find the beak (ew gross, sea creatures have beaks), and they don't have plastic-y vertebrae like calamari do, so next step...throw them in a pan!

they (baby octopi) like to be seared on high heat almost to the point of charred. and they really like to do this in some annatto-infused olive oil (annatto seeds cooked into the olive oil until it takes on their rusty colour)...they told me so themselves.

they looked cooked and crunchy about 5-ish minutes later, but they were still tender and juicy in the middle and the head was like a little pocket of octopus juice. 
they were really tasty, but the consistency took some getting used to, not the tentacles, the head. 
i'm totally willing and able to try new recipes using baby octos now that we're more familiar friends...i hear they're great pickled!
and this would be a super fun tapas dish, and a good conversation starter if you want to put a smarty-pants in their place and tell them what's really up with octopodes.

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