Thursday, October 27, 2011


this past summer, i had the pleasure of being taken to niagara on the lake by one of the dearest people to best friend. 
she packed us a lunch and took me on a romantic bike tour to different wineries where we excitedly urgently bought up a boat-load of vino (memories of the never-actualized LCBO strike a few years ago -

standing in the cellar of lailey, a tiny winery with all-natural agricultural practices and a beautiful building lined with silvering white oak, i was getting a little tipsy and already planning the meal i would make to go with their tasty meritage wine. 
*meritage was the name given in the late 80's by some brilliantly creative minds (merit+heritage!?) in the napa valley to these bordeaux-style blended wines.

the lailey meritage, made with merlot, cab sauv, and cab franc grapes, is the kind of wine just aching to be served with mash potatoes and red meat...and so 3 months later, it was!

a soft and succulent, freshly butchered filet mignon cooked rare in a pan full of butter, then quickly set under the oven broiler with a bit of stilton cheese (HEAVEN!); butter blanched asparagus and enokitake mushrooms with salt and pepper; AND a double stuffed pototo! (SALIVATING)

instructions for the double stuffed potato:
-cut a large baking potato in half (1 potato for 2 people, 2 potatoes for 4...basic math, unless you're expecting an un-even number of which case, just say you're on a diet and skip the potato for yourself).
-bake the potato halves, or if you have a microwave (FAAANCY!) then cook them in there until soft. let cool.
-in a pot, fry some bacon bits (cut up bacon), then scoop out the soft insides of the potato (keep the skins intact for later) and mash the potato guts up in the same pot with the bacon. add sour cream, butter, milk, chopped green onion, salt and pepper, and mix together.
-re-scoop the mash into the potato skins and sprinkle with parmesan cheese, place parmesan-side-up under the oven broiler for a few minutes and take THAT the keg!

isn't it lovely when your memories can be poured into a glass and consumed with steak? 
oh wine! you complete the meals that make my life complete.

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