Saturday, December 24, 2011


if you have a problem with tomatoes, cucumbers, or lemon juice, you'd have a hard time finding something to eat in israel.
the 'israeli salad' is a staple here and is pretty much served in one form or another with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at restaurants and homes alike. there's no escaping this.
i myself think it's great, and healthy to boot. but i've previously written about the patience it takes to construct a traditional version of this salad. diced tiny.
well, that was until i saw this incredible gadget at my great-aunt's house. the one she was rocking is called 'the alligator', but further product research uncovered a lot of 'sold-outedness' of that particular brand and lots of 'this-is-just-as-good' of other, similar products.
my apartment, replete with kitchen things and roommates, is home to one of these 'just as good' varieties. and it is! i used it the other day to make breakfast and let out some aggression. with one strong smack of the lid, a halved tomato turns into beautifully uniform salad components. add some cucumber and red pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, s&p, and you have yourselves an actual salad. amaze.
obviously the caveat is having to clean the salad genie after. a bigger challenge than running a knife under some hot water. but as my roommate says, (in my loose translation), there is no substitute for salad work.

alligator? crocodile.

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