Sunday, December 4, 2011

spelled backwards

i love spelling. a little obsessively much. and this obsession is turning into an impediment for my hebrew literacy skills improvement. the hebrew alphabet is such, that several of the letters make more than one sound, and also many different letters make the same sound as one another, and this is bound to confuse me forever and stop me from attempting to write anything in fear that i will very likely spell it wrong. 
in english, on top of the type of sheer genius possessed by grade three spelling bee champions, i have a litany of tricks, rhymes, phrases, and silly sayings that help discourage mistakes (i before e, except after c...) whose hebrew counterparts i guess i better start learning.
one such helpful adage is fun as it incorporates the spelling of 3 different words in a wry nudge at sweet-toothed weight gain: desserts is stressed spelled backwards
1. dessert(s) 2. stressed, and 3. desert (by virtue of not being dessert). 
and with that absolutely painful introduction, here are two desserts that i made without any spelling mistakes, right here in israel.

exhibit a is a pavlova with chopped almond, dried fig and apricot, butterscotch brittle. broken on top of whipped cream, which was layered on top of my unsuccessful, but still pretty tasty, meringue. topped with more broken pieces of meringue, whipped cream, and then strawberries and mint. next door, in the glass bowl, is a guava mousse. made with the yolks of the meringued* egg whites, sugar, and steamed then pureed guava. topped with slices of persimmon. 
gosh, it's fun to have all these exotic fruits be not so exotic!
*when it comes to the spelling of made up words, it's first come first...makes up the spelling.

exhibit b is a triple chocolate birthday cake. standard chocolate cake (flour, sugar, eggs, 60% cocoa content chocolate melted in water, cocoa powder, butter, vanilla, salt, sugar, baking soda), chocolate frosting (cocoa powder, icing sugar, butter, milk) and a chocolate whipped cream centre (whipping cream, cocoa powder, sugar)...all tastefully decorated with candies and sprinkles to celebrate a quarter of a century in style.

eat dessert. don't stress.


  1. Hi Lovely,

    Meringues are tough! Any trace of fat (anywhere!) and it will not budge. Tip: Use glass or metal bowls and utensils instead of plastic and wash everything first before use.

    But wow, the pavlova looks amazing though despite the meringue flop!

  2. any tip from you is worth its weight in gold.
    wait, how much does baking advice weigh?