Saturday, January 21, 2012

a halava saturday!

saturday morning is an interesting phenomenon in israel. even in tel aviv, a city that hardly ever takes a moment to breathe, saturday morning is so quiet you could hear a fork drop.
according to the ol' testament, it's the day of r&r. but all religious belief aside, you don't have to tell me once to take a day off. really, not even once. i'm a self-motivated chiller and relaxer.
this sunny saturday morning felt like a good opportunity for a fun sit-down breakfast with the roomies and my guest from t.o. 'mf', who had the incredible idea to make halva french toast. brilliant! genius! borderline illegal! *halva is a confection made with tahini (sesame paste) and tons o' sugar. a VERY popular treat in these parts.
so, mf and i went for a walk in the quiet streets this morning to gather our supplies, and then made the best breakfast ever with just some brilliant innovation and unfeigned team work..and eggs, milk, tahini, honey, challa and chocolate halva floss. wha?mmmm!whoa.
clearly still on a sugar high, i will explain this before i get back in bed and crash. (not necessarily in that order).
2 pieces of medium-thin sliced challa bread (egg bread), dipped into a mix of eggs, raw tahini paste, honey and milk, stuffed with shards of chocolate halva floss, and fried.
served with pears cooked in butter and cinnamon and fresh pomegranate, banana and strawberries.
the halva shreds (both stuffed in the french toast and as a garnish) and the tahini batter create such a rich and delicious sensation without being overly flavourful. creamy and perf.
so perf it almost didn't need any maple syrup. almost.
ok look.

justice will never be served to the food i photograph, if only because i am the world's crappiest food photographer and looking at food only gets you so far anyway, but hopefully a fraction of how tasty and decadent this breakfast was will be able to overcome these sensory blockades.
and a testimonial might help? 
"the best thing ever" -my roommates.
ok back to bed.