Sunday, February 19, 2012

the last supper

while literally fighting with myself to sit down and write a post, i realized that it was not merely laziness that was making this otherwise fun task so daunting, it's that i haven't had anything all too exciting to share in the food preparation department in a while. 
maybe it's because i miss my spacious kitchen and my sole-ownership of everything in it. or maybe it's the fact that there is no chinatown in this city. who knows? maybe i'm spoiled rotten from eating at work (ah, the perils of waitress life), and yes, the possibility has not escaped me, that maybe i've just been cooking crap meals.
february, albeit 29 days long this year, is soon going to evaporate into spring (fingers crossed), so i figure there is no more time to sit around and wonder how i can write a blog post about peanut butter.
anyway, having dug into my archives, i present you with the last dinner i prepared at my apartment before i moved. 
single tear.
these are some tried, tested, and true items that i've made again and again, and they always taste good. winners!
the salad is arugula in a melted goat cheese, balsamic and honey dressing.
the basmati rice is cooked in the oven with garlic, dried parsley, and a couple of omani lemons/persian dried limes. they give off a really yum, strong lemony taste. when that flavourful rice comes out of the oven it's spruced up with toasted pine nuts. (oh my goodness, the subtlety of that tree word-play is killing me).
the sweet chicken thighs balance the sour/bitter of the rice. they are coated in a bit of oil, then cinnamon and minced garlic then pan fried for a couple of seconds all around before being placed in a cooking pan with dried apricots and other dried fruit if you please, and straight into the oven.
the resulting meal is a little bit of everything and a whole lotta good. nostalgic and fresh at the same time.