Sunday, March 18, 2012

while you were out

hey friends.
if you're heading out on vacay sometime in the near future and you need someone to take care of your place/pet, consider me your gal. it'll only cost you the contents of your fridge. but that's it! cheap.
i was house/dog-sitting this past week and didn't really get around to grocery shopping quite so much. and what's that saying about invention's ancestry? it was sort of like that. but really laziness seemed to be more of a driving force than necessity.
i managed to scramble this dinner together with just the ingredients accessible to me in a kitchen i'm unfamiliar with. scavenger hunt!
i found: (!)
-fresh ravioli stuffed with..i want to say cheese, but i can't even remember.
-a half bag of brussel sprouts hiding in the freezer door.
-garlic, onion, butter, rosemary. y'know, around.
-sha-men-ett: a 15% milk fat cream product somewhere between cream cheese and sour cream.
-salt and pep
-oh, and just a splash of that expensive looking white wine in the fridge..sorrs!
with these simple ingredients i was able to fashion myself a dinner that the dog looked slightly jealous of and that i enjoyed. so, thanks for that. and for the cable tv that i got to watch in bed. it was a treat.