Sunday, April 15, 2012

i make mitbachi

it's ironic that the past month and a half (maybe 2 months, but who's counting?) that i have spent building a kitchen-centred business have been the least appetizing. (stress induced nausea and lack of free time are total food mood killers).
another irony, (boy, isn't life just full of 'em?) is that with all the excitement and busy-ness, i haven't had a chance to write a blog post, or update friends, or share the experience with the gentle people back home! and it is, after all, something that i'm very, very excited about! now that i am set to open the place, i want to, y'know, s'plain maself and what's been preoccupying my
time/energy/thoughts/dreams/worries/hopes, etc.  
so enough about me, and more about mitbachi!

i feel as though an introduction is in order. i want you all to meet my new  baby  business. i named it mitbachi. in hebrew 'mitbach' (that's a strong horking sound on the end) means kitchen, and 'i', well, it's just like the sound in timmie, or kitty, or the name of a ridiculously large dead rapper. mitbachi is a former restaurant that i've turned into a fully-equiped kitchen in a very central tel aviv location. its got a long wooden island with bar stools, some alternative seating, a patio, and a chalkboard wall! a kitchen in which will take place cooking classes, food seminars, and company 'fun days' and which can also be rented out for private functions, special events, chef nights, and whatever other fantastic things that can take place in a kitchen.

food, as is evidenced by this blog, is one of my great loves. and i love mitbachi like a shrimp cocktail ring. meaning, like a child. no doubt it's hard work being a tyrant  starting a business. hiring and firing and calling and painting and waiting and organizing and .. that was just setting up the place! now comes all the marketing and registering and buying and shmoozing and teaching and accounting...ah, but alas. this experience is the best school a girl or boy could ask for and i am trying to enjoy every moment of the process and remind myself that i'm building a place that will certainly change my life and hopefully touch some others'.

so, that's where i've been. passionately pursuing a dream and losing sleep.
i promise to post photos and updates of the place on the facebook page as soon as humanly possible. in the meantime. keep cookin'! xo