Thursday, May 31, 2012

brief debrief's the last day of may, and my last chance to post before skipping a whole month. better make it happen!
it's been nearly 4 weeks since the opening party at mitbachi and although things are still fresher than the yet uncut watermelon i'm going to reward myself with for writing this blog post (yep, like a dog), things have been happenin', people have been poppin' in, and food has been a-cook-in'. fun!

i'll give a quick retrospective on mitbachi's first month (a vital time in the development of babies and businesses as much as it may look like all they've done in that month is gain weight/drain resources.

this month! 
after the opening party, which was a nice way to see family and friends and introduce them to mitbachi, the festivities continued with a staff party for 35 club promoters, a group of tattooed, tanned and toned hip twenty-something-year-olds, who ate chicken tacos, refried beans, and guacamole and drank beers and seemed to really dig the feeling of being in their mom's kitchen. legit bad-asses.
we had a night of cooking with friends (my way of testing out the group cooking capabilities of the place-and y'know, cooking and getting drunk with friends)...a veggie cooking class, turned 'vegan asia' with everything from miso soup to lemon "chicken" to banana tempura... an "open kitchen" evening for cool folks to cook dinner, eat, and drink in a communal kind of way, everyone made friends. aw!.... a demo class for moms starting down the weaning path (there was lots of mashy mash and 8 real live babies in mitbachi all at once!)... a wine-tasting of some of israel's delicious boutique wines... a surprise birthday party thrown for a british guy by his american/israeli wife and his japanese and argentenian parents ... and me sitting in a wet towel-as-pants typing on my lap-top in mitbachi, for all to see (this is happening now).
oh, and this itty bitty piece in time out tel aviv!

classic 'one hand on lap, one hand on lemon' pose.
so, there's some action, and hopefully soon there will be some more action..
(now i've gone and let my sophisticatedly devised business plan out of the bag). 

xo's and dry clothes,

me and mitbachi.


  1. I so wish I could visit you! You are such a star. xoxo