Thursday, June 21, 2012

hunger strike

listen, i know we're all thinking it, so out with the truth.. it's been too long since i've expelled a numbered stream-of-food-consciousness list into cyberspace! 

1. it is balls hot in tel aviv right now, but everyone says this weather is still considerably "nice". oh boy.
2. this kind of heat does not drive one's appetite to go up. in fact, the humidity and sun combo pretty much sits on your appetite until it suffocates and dies. its last sound a whimpering beg for a popsicle. so long appetite.
3. it's important to eat. without food we become super thin die.
4. the meat here is yucky. no offense kashrut (kosherness), but you took something really good and made it pretty dismissible. anyway, it doesn't matter, i'm not hungry.
5. oh my god lentils are so cheap and never go bad.
6. there is a crap-load of produce in the fridge. that does go bad.
7. i should eat.

...and this is the product of such profound thinking. 
black rice pasta and summery green lentil bolognese: fried garlic, zucchini, tomato, salt, pepper, nutmeg, dressed in chopped dill and mint, lemon juice and olive oil..and of course green lentils. a lot. like, whoa protein and probably farts too.
vegan de-light. get it? it's light. also it's gluten free. for those people. (jk celiacs!)
ok. the torment ends here. 
as you were.