Monday, July 23, 2012

be prepared!

admittedly, i am not one for planning. 
as opposed to the scouts' m.o., i believe in an innate ninja-ness that can be tapped into for enacting quick responses to unforeseen and trying situations. and yes, that i posses it. 
what others may call "slacker style" or "dumb luck", i call ninja-ness.
stay with me here folks.
on a recent camping trip with the broski, i learned about a little clause in my otherwise bullet-proof theory. 
1.1-a: winging it will get the job done, but it won't be the best.

DAMMIT! just kidding, everyone knows that, right?
so to put that into practice: when you're going on a camping trip, don't just throw a bunch of crap in a cooler the morning of and imagine it'll all come together. 'cause it won't. not without the help of a fully-stocked pantry and a nearby supermarket, which, guess what! is a 2 hour canoe ride and a portage away.

not to say that we starved. i probably gained weight eating a half a pack of bacon for breakfast and sausages for dinner. but as a couple of food loving kids, we could have done better had we done a little pre-game meal planning and shopping listing and the suching.

good thing we brought water. and nuff bacon.

so we ate a lot of crackers and hummus...whatever! the fare may not have been the best, but it was still the best company, best weather, and the best camping trip. and 3 out of 4 bests ain't bad.